patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.

Patent, Trademark, Design and Copyright Services

View a quote and instantly renew your Patent and Trademarks.
Set reminders to track upcoming renewals for free.
Transform your creative ideas into robust patent applications.
Protect your brand in two steps.
Enhance the likelihood of an allowance with our expertise.
Litigate and enforce your IP right using our professional support.
Protect your original works to reserve your rights.
Register manage and enforce your designs worldwide.
Inform us of your requirements, and our expert team will contact you shortly.

Why Us?

ipRenewal is your go-to service for overseeing intellectual property renewals with a professional team, cost-efficient international options, and timely reminders. We ensure a hassle-free experience from deadline monitoring to completion.
  • Economical
  • Business Prospects
  • Community-driven initiative
  • Tailored service
ipRenewal maximizes savings by providing budget-friendly services, simplifying renewal and patent application drafting through technology and expertise. Our commitment to innovation ensures a hassle-free experience, establishing us as the preferred choice for clients.
Business prospects
ipRenewal navigates the global intellectual property services market, serving businesses and individuals in establishing and maintaining rights, positioning itself as a versatile provider and consumer in this dynamic landscape.
Community-driven initiative
In the Social Growth Program, ipRenewal users earn points for every dollar spent and receive additional points for each referred dollar. These points carry a unique benefit, as they can be converted into a percentage of ownership in ipRenewal during a listing or sale event.
Tailored service
ipRenewal specializes in intellectual property renewal payments, concentrating on global patent and trademark renewals. This expertise enables ipRenewal to offer personalized solutions tailored to their clients' distinct needs.

How We Work?

Service offering

Our services encompass fee deadline monitoring, renewal management, and an online payment system, all tailored to meet our clients' intellectual property protection needs with a comprehensive approach.

Revenue generation

Our revenue stems from fees charged for intellectual property renewal services, with pricing tailored to individual client needs and the nature of their intellectual property rights, accounting for factors like renewal process complexity and required support.

Integration and enhancement of technology

Our business model capitalizes on technology to streamline operations and provide clients with online payment convenience. We prioritize ongoing improvement and innovation to maintain our competitive edge in the intellectual property renewal industry.
patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.
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