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patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.

ipRenewal functions to minimize costs and maximize savings. Our services are curated to provide tailored solutions to our clients' needs. ipRenewal is a community-led venture. Our unique selling benefit is our initiative “Social Growth Program” which aims to create a mutually beneficial partnership with our client providing them with a sense of ownership and a direct stake in the success of ipRenewal.

patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.

Why Us?

ipRenewal is your go-to service for overseeing intellectual property renewals with a professional team, cost-efficient international options, and timely reminders. We ensure a hassle-free experience from deadline monitoring to completion.
  • Economical Business Prospects Community-driven initiative Tailored service
ipRenewal maximizes savings by providing budget-friendly services, simplifying renewal and patent application drafting through technology and expertise. Our commitment to innovation ensures a hassle-free experience, establishing us as the preferred choice for clients.
Business prospects
ipRenewal navigates the global intellectual property services market, serving businesses and individuals in establishing and maintaining rights, positioning itself as a versatile provider and consumer in this dynamic landscape.
Community-driven initiative
In the Social Growth Program, ipRenewal users earn points for every dollar spent and receive additional points for each referred dollar. These points carry a unique benefit, as they can be converted into a percentage of ownership in ipRenewal during a listing or sale event.
Tailored service
ipRenewal specializes in intellectual property renewal payments, concentrating on global patent and trademark renewals. This expertise enables ipRenewal to offer personalized solutions tailored to their clients' distinct needs.

How we work?

Service offering

Our services include fee deadline monitoring, portfolio management, and an online payment system, all customized to address our clients' intellectual property protection requirements through a comprehensive approach.

Revenue generation

Our revenue is generated through fees charged for intellectual property services, and our pricing is customized to meet the specific needs of individual clients and the nature of their intellectual property rights. This includes considerations for factors such as process complexity and required support.

Integration and enhancement of technology

Our business model capitalizes on technology to streamline operations and provide clients with online payment convenience. We prioritize ongoing improvement and innovation to maintain our competitive edge in the intellectual property industry.

Social Growth Program

As a component of our Social Growth Program, every registered user on ipRenewal will accumulate points for each dollar spent within our platform. Additionally, users will earn points for every dollar they successfully refer to the platform. These points offer a distinctive advantage—they can be converted into a percentage ownership in ipRenewal during a listing or sale event.

The primary aim of this initiative is to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with our users, providing them with a sense of ownership and a direct stake in the success of ipRenewal. Through transactions and successful referrals, users accrue points that contribute to the growth of their ownership percentage in the company. This increasing ownership stake is prominently featured in their ipRenewal profile, showcasing their direct involvement and connection to the company’s success.

This unique approach aligns financial rewards with ipRenewal’s growth and prosperity. By presenting this opportunity for percentage ownership, we encourage active engagement and loyalty from our users. As they amass points, their investment in the success of ipRenewal grows, motivating them to continually utilize our services and refer others to the platform. This initiative cultivates a sense of community and collective success among our users.

Moreover, this model enables us to leverage the network effect and incentivize user-driven growth. As users refer others to the platform, they not only earn points but also contribute to the expansion of our user base through our Affiliate Program. This organic growth benefits both ipRenewal and our users, as a larger user base leads to more opportunities and a stronger position in the market.

patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.

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We are delighted to offer more detailed information on how our initiative can help you become a part of it and benefit from our growth.
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patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.
patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.

Affiliate Program

Refer and Earn Points

Join the thriving community at ipRenewal as a referrer and play a role in our platform’s success. As a referrer, you have the chance to participate in the growth of our platform by recommending our services to other users. Through our Affiliate Program, referrers earn points for every dollar spent by the users they refer. With an increase in the number of referees and their spending on ipRenewal, referrers can accumulate more points.

As part of our Social Growth Program, the points earned by users/referrers can be converted into a percentage ownership in ipRenewal during a listing or sale event. This distinctive feature enables referrers to directly reap the benefits of the platform’s success and expansion. Join us as a referrer today and start sharing in the growth of ipRenewal.

David Strybosch

Founder David Strybosch

David Strybosch is a highly accomplished individual with a diverse range of skills and experiences. He has made significant contributions as a Founder and Director in multiple ventures, showcasing his exceptional entrepreneurial abilities. David’s expertise lies in the field of finance, particularly in fund management, where he excels in prioritising capital preservation and maximising returns for his clients. His in-depth knowledge and strategic approach enable him to provide tailored investment risk solutions, identifying and capitalising on lucrative opportunities within the financial market.


Co-Founder Andrew

Andrew Reeves is a creative and experienced developer, with specialties in custom software development, databases, and web applications. He has provided services to several renowned companies, including Telstra, ANS, National Australia Bank, and Coles Myer. Alongside his technical skills, Andrew also enjoys music recording and performing, video production, and creating and hosting websites. Andrew holds degrees in Engineering and Theology from RMIT University and Bible College of Victoria. Microsoft .Net Platform, C#, ASP.Net, ASP, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, and Microsoft SharePoint Server are his areas of expertise in software.


COOSwetha G N

Swetha G N is a seasoned patent attorney who possesses a wealth of experience in the realm of intellectual property. Swetha is highly proficient in the drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications across a wide spectrum of technical domains, ranging from Electronics, Communication Systems, and Electrical Engineering to ElectroMechanical innovations, Computer Science, and Embedded Systems. Apart from her involvement in patent application drafting and prosecution, Swetha brings substantial expertise in conducting patentability searches, performing Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) analyses, assessing infringement issues, and providing invalidation opinions.

Our Case Studies

See how our services have protected and empowered businesses and innovators.

Competitive Pricing, Responsive and Proactive

FivepHusion started using ipRenewal this year to maintain our patents around the world. As the founder of IP-protected startups, their competitive pricing was initially very appealing. However, we've also found them to be very responsive and indeed proactive with any IP renewal issues. I'd recommend them to any cost-conscious company needing to maintain their patents.
R. David Ranson
Executive Chairman, FivepHusion.

An Amazing Tool, Considerate and Experienced IP experts, Right and Effective Solutions

ipRenewal is an amazing tool. It offers a one stop solution for ipRenewal, simplifies renewal work, and helps minimize costs. IPrenewal team has a group of considerate and experienced IP experts offering me the right and effective solutions all the time. I have no hesitation to introduce this platform to clients to handle their IP renewals.
Kenny Wong
Founding Partner, Wong & Tang Solicitors .
patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.
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