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patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.

Key Benefits of Managing Your Intellectual Property with ipRenewal

Complimentary Portfolio Management and Reminder Service:

ipRenewal extends a free software service to all registered users, enabling them to build a comprehensive portfolio of their intellectual property (IP) assets. Users can opt for the reminder service at no cost, receiving timely notifications for upcoming renewals.

Rigorous Data Verification:

Upon users creating portfolios of their IP assets, our team of professionals conducts meticulous manual verification, scrutinizing data for accuracy. Users are promptly notified of any discrepancies against public records, ensuring data integrity.

Transparent Fee Structure:

ipRenewal facilitates worldwide IP renewals, offering users instant quotes for renewals. The transparent fee structure allows users to view costs promptly and proceed with payments, initiating the renewal process without delay.

Automated Renewal Payments:

Through the option to automate IP asset renewals, ipRenewal ensures a hassle-free process. The system automatically initiates renewal processes until the IP asset's validity expires. Users are kept informed about renewal activities, and the payment process is seamlessly executed. Users retain the ability to disable the auto-renewal service at any point.

Flexible Services and Payment Modes:

ipRenewal prioritizes flexibility in service delivery and payment options. Tailored services cater to client-specific requirements, and the platform accepts various payment modes, including credit cards, bank transfers, and wire transfers, providing users with a range of choices for a convenient experience..
patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.

Our Case Studies

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Competitive Pricing, Responsive and Proactive

FivepHusion started using ipRenewal this year to maintain our patents around the world. As the founder of IP-protected startups, their competitive pricing was initially very appealing. However, we've also found them to be very responsive and indeed proactive with any IP renewal issues. I'd recommend them to any cost-conscious company needing to maintain their patents.
R. David Ranson
Executive Chairman, FivepHusion.

An Amazing Tool, Considerate and Experienced IP experts, Right and Effective Solutions

ipRenewal is an amazing tool. It offers a one stop solution for ipRenewal, simplifies renewal work, and helps minimize costs. IPrenewal team has a group of considerate and experienced IP experts offering me the right and effective solutions all the time. I have no hesitation to introduce this platform to clients to handle their IP renewals.
Kenny Wong
Founding Partner, Wong & Tang Solicitors .
patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.
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