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patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.
patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.

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Growing requires adapting to new services, or creating your own. We have the experience and expertise to help you do both.

IpRenewal seeks to transform the Intellectual Property (IP) renewal industry, offering cost-effective solutions that benefit startups, businesses, and governments by saving both money and time while providing peace of mind.

  • We have a dedicated team and streamlined system committed to delivering the highest level of customer service. Our monitoring and reminder system is designed to guarantee ease of use and reliability for our clients.
  • Get an instant and free online quote on our website to receive accurate cost estimates for your renewals.
How to get started with ipRenewal?
  • Visit our website to obtain a free, instant quote for your renewals.
  • Register and create an account on our website, where you can add and manage your patents and trademarks and access your receipts.
  • Receive advance reminders for each due date, and if needed, follow-up reminders in case you fall behind on renewals. Additionally, you’ll receive confirmations once the renewals are paid for.
What do I gain by registering with ipRenewal?

Our unique selling benefit is our initiative “Social Growth Program” which aims to create a mutually beneficial partnership with our client providing them with a sense of ownership and a direct stake in the success of ipRenewal. All registered users of ipRenewal will earn points for every dollar they spend or refer to within our platform. These points will have a unique benefit as they can be converted into a percentage ownership in ipRenewal during a listing or sale event. 

Further, join ipRenewal as a referrer and actively contribute to our collective growth. As a referrer, you can refer other users to avail themselves of IPrenewal’s services, earning points through our Affiliate Program with every dollar spent by your referees. Accumulate more points as the number of referees and their spending increases, and, as part of our social growth program, convert these points into a percentage ownership in ipRenewal during listing or sale events for unique and rewarding benefits. 

What services does ipRenewal offer?

IpRenewal specializes in providing renewal services for patents and trademarks. Our users have the flexibility to request a wide range of services, including conducting clearance searches of IP assets, filing IP applications in different jurisdictions, and receiving prosecution assistance. We offer comprehensive assistance to best serve our users. 

Where can I check the cost for renewing my IP rights?

The Pricing page outlines the basic pricing structure, which is based on a simple per-renewal fee. This fee can vary according to several factors, including the country/jurisdiction, the specific year of renewal, and, in the case of trademark renewals, the number of classes involved.
patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.
patents trademarks, designs, and copyrights.
How can IpRenewal assist me in keeping track of renewal deadlines?

IpRenewal assists you in keeping track of renewing your intellectual property (IP) rights through a systematic reminder system and proactive support. Here’s how it works:

Notification System: IpRenewal initiates the process by sending you an initial notification regarding your IP renewal.

Additional Reminders: You will receive further reminders to the email address linked to your IpRenewal Account.

Monitoring Activity: The system continuously monitors your interactions on our website and your response to the reminders.

Adaptive Reminder Frequency: Based on your activities and response, the frequency of reminders is adjusted to capture your attention and keep you informed about upcoming due dates.

Team Outreach: If necessary, our dedicated team will reach out to you to confirm your intention to renew your IP rights and assist you in taking the necessary actions.

This comprehensive approach ensures that you remain informed and supported throughout the IP renewal process, reducing the risk of missing important deadlines..

I have missed my due date for renewal. What do I do?
  • In typical situations, it’s advisable to pay renewal fees well in advance of the due date. Our standard reminder timing is set to provide you with ample time to address the invoice and to allow us sufficient time to process the fee payment.In the event that you miss your due date, there’s no need to worry! Many major jurisdictions offer a grace period after the renewal deadline has passed, during which the IP can still be renewed, but at the cost of an additional penalty fee. The penalty fee may either be fixed or increase with each subsequent late month. It’s important to note that these penalty fees can be substantial when compared to the original renewal fee. The typical “grace period” for late payments is around 6 months, although this duration can vary depending on the country. Rest assured, we will keep you informed of the final deadline for the fee payment if you happen to miss the initial deadline.
Where can I access the certificates and receipts related to concluded renewals?

For renewals at patent offices that issue official receipts and renewal certificates, we will upload an electronic copy of the official receipt or an extract from the Patent Office Register to your IpRenewal account. Additionally, you will receive an email alert confirming the completion of the renewal order.

However, in certain countries where official receipts or access to the Patent Office Register may not be available, IpRenewal will make every effort to provide the most reliable confirmation that your renewal order has been processed. We will continuously monitor the status of your order with the patent office or agent until the renewal is confirmed as complete.

My query is not listed here!

You can get support from ipRenewal by filling out a form here. Our team will reach out to you proactively to address your inquiries and provide the necessary assistance. Alternatively, you can also send your queries and requests to  

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